Top 10 Blockchain Project Ideas for Beginners in 2021

Top 10 Blockchain Project Ideas for Beginners in 2021

Today I am going to describe the top project which is helpful to you know blockchain technology. And it will help you create a blockchain project for your university or college project.

Crowdfunding Platform

Nowadays Crowdfunding is a very popular and trending technology. If you have good knowledge about Blockchain you can create a Crowdfunding platform. It’s also a very demandable project. just go to google and search Crowdfunding then you will find 48,200,000 results.

Transfer Money Internationally

International money transfer happens person to person or person to agency or agency to person or agency to agency money transfer. Lots of companies give money transfer services. you can see the importance of money transfer in today’s world. So you can start a project about international money transfer.

Peer To Peer Ride-sharing

Nowadays Rideshare is a very popular technology. Lots of companies make their ride-sharing applications. Such as Uber, Lyft, Curb, Juno, Grab, Gett, and many more. You can find lots of documentation about Ridesharing. So, it will be a great project for you.

Secure Medical Records

Medical records are very sensitive information for all. And it’s very important to secure all the information. To secure medical records Blockchain technology can help. If you want to participate in social work then a secure medical record project will be fit for you.

Blockchain-Based Voting System

The Blockchain-Based Voting System is not used so much for security. If you can make it with full security then it will be a great innovation. Lots of people are working on this project. So this will be a very big opportunity to be part of them. So my suggestion to you is to start this project with your passion. You will be successful very soon.

Check for Fake Medicine

Almost 35 million people worldwide suffer from drug use disorders. The main reason is fake medicine. So check for a fake medicine project to help to detect all the fake medicine. Lots of information you will find on the internet about the medicine detector. Just implement this information on your project.

A Decentralized Web Hosting System 

Nowadays, Blockchain Technology offers great benefits for organizations and users. That can provide functions such as shopping, social network, banking, web search, webmail, interactive information, and many more. All source codes and data of websites are stored on centralized systems, and users use browsers to send requests to these web servers or hosting. And all data is accessed by location-based addressing of the web servers

Buy & Sell Advertising Space

Now blockchain has become a helpful tool for advertising and marketing online. Blockchain’s decentralized ledger technology offers a lift in advertising cost transparency. And deeper insights into audience interactions with ad campaigns. The Buy & Sell Advertising Space project will be a very unique and popular idea.

Loyalty Points Exchange System

Blockchain may be the answer to the Loyalty Points Exchange System. Best known as the technology behind Bitcoin, blockchain enables a ledger of transactions to be shared across a network of peer-to-peer. The loyalty Points Exchange System project will be very popular in 2021 and in upcoming years.

Registry of Land Ownership

Land registration generally describes the systems by which ownership, possession, or other rights in land can be recorded to provide evidence of title, facilitate transactions, and prevent unlawful disposal. The information recorded and the protection provided will vary by the law and judiciary. So, This project will be a great project for blockchain.

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