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Introduction to programming || Why Programming Is Important?

Introduction: Hello everyone in this lesson we introduce you to computer programming through c. So I think you will enjoy this c programming course. If you have any problem contacts with us and also comments below.

First of all, in these lessons, we just know about programming, computer characteristics, types of programming language and we also see some beginner’s c programs to start programming. Then we switch to advanced programming.

I want to suggest to you if you want to be a programmer you have to practice more. Otherwise, you can’t be a programmer. Programming like singing, swimming, cycling so you have to practice regularly. If you think to be a programmer by reading books, watching videos, and reading articles it’s a misunderstanding.

Today people face many problems. To solve this problem people use computer programs. The programming language is used to create source code that solves the problems. A computer program has some features such as Machine language, Assembly language, High-level language, Translator software, Step to write a program, Algorithms, Flowchart, Program design, etc. You have some knowledge about this. It’s not needed now. We will know only the basic c language before we switch to the advanced level.

Programming was popular when the c language developed. If you wanted to learn to program you to have to know the basic concept of a language. I recommended to you to start with c. Because c is a very high comfortable language. there have lots of languages. I have a question, What language is good or bad? It is no good or bad some language developed for some particular reasons. The main thinks are all language develop on a basis. If you start with c your base will be stronger.

Memory system in Programming

The computer knows only zeros and ones. These are zero and one called bits. The bit is a binary digit. Each bit is represented as on/off or true/false. In 8 bit multiples called 1 byte. A byte begging to 0 and extended to 7.

byte system in programming language

Some extra information for you

1 byte = 8 bit

1024 bytes = 2^10 or 1K

1024k = 2^10k or1M


If your computer capacity is 4M that means 4 X 1024 X 1024 = 4,194,304 characters stored in your computer’s memory.

Translator Software For Programming Language

We know computer understand only binary number that means 0 and 1. 0 means FALSE/OFF and 1 means TRUE/ON.

translator workflow for programming
programming flow chart

There have three types of Translator software.

  1. Compiler
  2. Interpreter
  3. Assembler

In this lesson, we know the only compiler because all high-level language programs Translate to Machine language programs through the compiler.

programming compiler
Programming language compiler

There are different types of compilers for different languages. Some compiler also depends on a computer system.

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